Wednesday, December 9

What a week! What a month!

December is notoriously crazy for us, as we not only have Christmas, but two nieces and two daughters' birthdays also!  You may remember I did a fair bit of spring cleaning just prior to spring.. and then two days after we finished the dust storm hit.  It was totally de-motivating...  So this week finally got the (summer) cleaning groove back and we've been ticking off a lot of those things that have been on the to-do list for a while...

A brief summary of our endeavours this past week:
Cleaned carpets (ourselves using a friends' Hoover carpet cleaning -  so want one now!!)  This cheered me up enormously because the carpets have been in dire need and also I did spot cleaning, we had remnants of toilet training our little ladies and our dog, now, you'd never know.  Happyhappyjoyjoy

High pressure Hosing (borrowed the equipment for this also!)  Cleaned the exterior of the house, the deck (oh my what a difference!)  concrete of entertainment area and all surrounding outdoor furniture.  Huge difference.

Washed all the windows and mirrors - you just don't want to know how ORANGE the water was when I had finished!!

Sanding and Oiling of outdoor dining table - hubby did this and it looks like new again.  It's worth doing this each year, as we do.

Erection of outdoor Sail - we had this at our old house (thanks to my Mum and her fabulous contacts) and 2.5 years later have finally gotten around to concreting another hole in the grass (using heavy duty piping and quick mix cement) so the sail mast can go in and be taken out if we move again or need to take it down/want to re-position down the track..  This part is finished, tonight the sail goes up I think

All the Christmas lights are finally up - this includes the light-fence and the inflatables..  will post pics later I promise!

Sewed up new cushion covers for our lounge - oh, I've only had the fabric since... June.  oops, only took an hour to do aswell!!  Talk about procrastination!

Finished decorated Laura and Olivia's room.  - again I've had the bunting and the fixings to do it since July.   But I am (and most importantly THEY are) delighted with it.

There's still some things that need to be done, but we're on a bit of a roll, but that's probably the reason you haven't been seeing much of me, I'd love to get this stuff all out of the way so birthdays and Christmas roll around with a minimum of stress and maximum of enjoyment!

Am I the only one going crazy doing this stuff in December?
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