Monday, January 4

Our Vegetable Garden - Update#1 January in pictures

Well it's been a busy time in our vege garden!  Lots of harvesting and eating.  This week we pulled out all our mature lettuce, and have planted more seedlings - we shared it amongst friends and family and haven't bought a lettuce all summer, it's been brilliant... what we should have done is some more staggered planting but we know now for next year - keep a few seedlings on the go every 4 weeks I reckon.

We also pulled out the leeks that were well overdue as some were going to seed, have salvaged some of those seeds (love free seeds!) and have again planted some little seedlings to replenish.

I was a little sad to, but we dug up the rest of our carrots, they have served us so well, the final harvest 2.3kg - have now sowed some more seeds directly - where the cabbages were.. and expanded the tomatoes in the place where the carrots were.  No vacant space!

Here's some leeks, some silverbeet and carrots from the garden.

Baby Cos lettuce leaves.. so sweet!

Now here's the garden...
Sweetcorn, this is going along well but it's not as big as I thought it would be? Lovely little ears growing!

Here's our thriving silverbeet, happy campers - eating this on a regular basis these days.

This is where the baby cos used to be, now has some spring onion seeds sown, see how they go!

Celery's just coming on, have taken a few stalks here and there, it's a great addition to the garden and I'll definitely make sure it's here every spring/summer.

The monstrous tomato bushes - they stand about 1.5 metres high, and we're harvesting anywhere between 200g - 800g a day - loads of variety and it's hard not to eat them on the way back to the house!  I keep thinking I'm going to make tomato sauce, chutney  or passata, but I dont' think they're going to last that long!!

Here's where the new carrot patch is..

And this is where the cos and carrot patches were, now Thai pink tomatoes.

Another crop that we've been eating constantly are the cucumbers, always have one on the go and one in waiting, this one's a funny shape but nice and big (about 15cm) that will be eaten in the next two weeks or so.

Our pumpkins are coming along - here's a butternut - remember I dried the seeds from one we bought last year.. free plants!

Beans have been good providers - we had my famous honey pumpkin and bean salad on Christmas day with our first harvest.  Second one isn't far away..

And lastly, here's a beautiful pic of just some of the tomatoes - gorgeous right?

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greenfumb on January 4, 2010 at 8:25 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Looks fantastic Liss. My cucumbers look like that too - not sure why but they taste good anyway. My corn is stunted and so was my neighbours, not sure about that either. Their's didn't even get ears and mine are like baby corn. Too hot in November maybe?

Lets hope all the rain we've had lately doesn't split our tomatoes.


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