Wednesday, January 13

You're growing up: Laura

Oh Laura, how you have grown up this past few months.  I see as the months go on, your attention span gets longer, your words and vocabulary surprises me constantly and just how you express yourself has just come in leaps and bounds.  You say the funniest things, honestly a day does not go past when you don't say something utterly hilarious.

You have natural comedic timing, and even at just four years old, you pick up on everyday quirks and make a flippant or silly comment about it, that has our whole family in raucous laughter.

You are also a real charmer, and it works on most people but I think you're starting to give up on Daddy and I - doesn't stop the cheeky grin and sparkle in the eye to appear though.

Speaking of which you are doing the funniest wink at the moment, but it's more like a squint, and you think it's all-so-secret.  I have not the heart to tell you otherwise because you are so pleased with yourself.  You are happy just hanging out with Mummy or doing something on your own, but in a totally different way to your sister.  You are less the musical type but you think up elaborate story lines, set the scene with much vigour and tell an interesting story.

You're the first to rise in the morning 99.9% of the time and I think that's only so you get first cuddle of the day with me in my bed.  The thing is, that it is the start to you utter verbosity as you chat non stop and Mummy being the sort who needs to wake up in her own time, it's a little confronting.

Our fiery redhead has a temper.  At the moment if you've been told categorically something you are not in favour of - the response is 'Fine. Hmpf'  with nose in the air and a stamping of the feet, you storm off in the other direction.  Very dramatic.  Hard not to laugh sometimes.

Oh talking of laugh, you've got that cackle.  The same one Mummy, Nine, Nanny and Aunty Lyn has - sometimes it's a frivolous girly giggle but when you find something funny you go into raptures.  Daddy laughs to himself whilst rolling his eyes and giving me a knowing look.

Olivia and you have a very special relationship - apart from when you're fighting (which isn't often I'm glad to say) you don't like to see the other upset and you in particular will relinquish or give something of yours to make your sister feel better.  You're always there with a reassuring word to both your sisters (and the puppy) when they need it.

At four, you do love your barbies, but not in a fantasy way, more of a tool for your story telling.  You love riding bikes, getting dirty - playing with mud and you love insects, at present it's all about cicadas and their shells.  I swear sometimes you should have been a boy!

You remind me so much of someone from my past who was and is very special to me, and I do think you were a gift to me from them.  Lucky me.
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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella on January 13, 2010 at 10:45 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Aww this is so lovely! I know she'll read back on this when she's older and so appreciate it :)


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