Tuesday, January 12

You're growing up: Olivia

Olivia you may be the tiniest in physical frame, but you are the big in so many other ways.

You really have a big heart
Oh lordy you do.  You give the best squeezy hugs and you know it.  You are very sympathetic and you will give up your something if it makes someone happy. I love it when you call me Mama.  I love it when you're hurt, you really think I can magic things better with a kiss.

You have a big stroppy streak
At the moment it's all about attitude and I swear if I wasn't trying to teach you right from wrong I would probably laugh.  The sugarbowl stance (hands on hips) frown, and.talking.in.sharp.quick.worlds.to.get.your.point.accross is quite hilarious but also disheartening because you are so sweet, your frustrations are easily realised these days.  We must work on that. I'm praying it's just a phase.

You have a big imagination
It's all about Barbie and princesses, drawing and SINGING at the moment.   It's wonderful to see you have such a wonderful imagination and acting ability as you launch yourself into a singing number from 'Olivia the musical' but it's a little less wonderful that it's a bit monotone and a lot off-key.  I suffer it because you love it so much.  I really must get video footage.

You are starting to be big in other ways
Asserting your independence by wanting 'different' things from your twin sister Laura, I'm very happy that you're doing that, most of the time when it's not a total pain in the butt.. but really I'm thrilled you have your own identity. Just hope you don't too opposite just for the sake of it. 

You love to learn.  You can't wait to be reading and writing and we'll do that together this year with your older sister at school, but I know you want to almost 'beat' her at it already. You have a natural competitive nature.  You still haven't decided if you are left or right handed.  You're probably both as you keep swapping your pencil from side to side, whichever is nearest what you're colouring.   You can write your name, and have been doing so for about 6 months.  Not from any guidance from myself - you just wanted to, and did.

You are tall! 106cm, although you are the same height as your twin sister, you like to pretend to her that you're taller.  We haven't told you that you're actually 2 minutes older than her for a reason, and don't intend to for some time yet!  Imagine the rank you would pull!

Your favourite colour is red.  Followed by pink, then yellow.

You have an amazing memory, you can recite something word-for-word after hearing it once (a bit like your Daddy there) and still like you always have had, a keen sense of justice. You are a bit anal in the way you like things to have a place.  You like things done properly, even if it annoys or alienates everyone around you -  you get that from me I'm afraid.

You are probably of all my children, the most like me.

You seem reserved and shy on the surface of all people who first meet you, but really you are fiery, steely and vivacious.  You are a gorgeous imp.  

You can light up a room with your smile.  You can tough someone's heart with your eyes, you give full attention to the feelings of those you care about.  You show at your tender age such warmth and compassion.  You are a joy, a privilege to know and raise, You are my Olivia.

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Olivia is just GORGEOUS :-)


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