Tuesday, March 9

Now for something serious...

I have a friend Di.  We've been friends oh, for about 7 years now.   Di is a very supportive and generous person.  Extremely funny too.  Di has beautiful hair.  Long hair down to waist.

But it's about be chopped off.  All off.  Shaved even.

Why?  In honour of her Dad who died of leukemia.... and if that wasn't enough, her 5 year old niece currently has leukemia.  Enough said.

So this Friday she's doing to worlds' greatest shave.   If you're in Sydney, pop on down to the Salisbury Hotel in Stanmore and watch/support/cheer her on at 7pm!  She's pretty nervous about it, you can imagine!

If you can't make it but would love to support a worthy (tax deductible!) cause - you can donate online here - every little bit helps - please spread the word!
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