Monday, March 8

When you're moving house.. what to make for dinner?

No I'm not moving but there are times like when are ridiculously busy and you just don't have time to cook.    The non-frugal part of me says 'takeaway' but in reality it needn't be (I always feel so guilty for having take-away don't you?!) with a little forward planning you could have some freezer meals at the ready or when everything's packed you can just have a couple of saucepans on standby to cook.

This is what my friend Kate over at Our Red House is doing - she cleaned her oven in preparation for her move and now doesn't want to mess it up (fair enough!) so has asked for suggestions on what to cook in the interim.

Criteria - to be cooked on the BBQ or the hob and be fuss-free.  I've linked my 30 minute beef stroganoff, Lamb koftas on the BBQ/griddle and slowcooker sausage and eggplant casserole - head on over there if you've got some suggestions want to give Kate!
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Thanks, Liss, what a lovely post. And I'm honoured that you called me your friend too. You're a sweetheart.




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