Saturday, April 17

What day is it again?

Oh yes, it's Saturday!  These school holidays have my head muddled.   Hubby has been off sick (yes, still) so it's felt like the weekend all week..and it's been a long weekend!  I'm looking forward to the structure of school - and I can hardly believe I'm writing that!

I've been busy over at kidspot kitchen this week - here's one of my favourites for a little while - I'm working on a boy birthday party focus at the moment which is a fabulous and exciting change for me, given I have three girls!  I love the little car in this pic so much I'm keeping it despite protests from the frills!  So cute right? Literally is minutes work, I made my own cake for the pops too, but you can just buy a slab cake and save time if you like!

Would love some ideas on boys parties themes too - apart from the regular pirates, cars, trains and dinosaur themes.?

I think we might head out on a bit of an excursion today - to allow hubby to get some rest in peace, tomorrow I think I'll be cooking and getting organised to go back to school... there is an absolutely YUMMY Sunday baking project coming up tomorrow, so if you're feeling in a baking mood, see you then!

What are you up to this weekend?
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