Saturday, June 5

Frenchs Forest Organic Markets - Every Sunday!

Even though Frenchs Forest Markets are literally less than 10 minutes from my house, I haven't visited for at least a couple of years.
C'mon Mum!
What's to like?
Loads of stalls, variety of produce.

All the baking stalls are great - highlight:  Brasserie Bread.We buy sour cherry sour dough, caramelised garlic bread and croissants.

Lots of options for breakfast:  Coffee, bacon and egg rolls, chorizo and egg rolls, steak sandwiches, plus of course, the baking stalls.  There's gozleme too. Of course.
My breakfast - Steak Sandwich $6

If you like to grow your own, there's options - we found good quality seedling $3 each or  5 for $10

Some other highlights:
Organic Milk from Over the Moon.  It is seriously wonderful.  I know now what everyone's on about!  The double cream is REAL.   It doesn't move if you hold the open tub upside down.  It tastes like heaven.  We also pick up some (the last bottle of) strawberry milk.  You need to be early for these guys - they sell out.  It is worth the trip for the milk and cream alone!

Produce of Note:
Mushrooms - these are cultivated in an old railway tunnel!  We bought some swiss browns - but they had just about everything - well worth a visit.

These old guys - from Dural run a 'conventional'(i.e. not certified organic) backyard vege garden stall.  I bought a fabulous cauliflower I shall be using for Season Savvy for $4 and a huge pumpkin for $8.  Lovely guys.

If you're desperate for strawberries, these are direct from the farm.  At this time of the year they aren't in plentiful supply and they're a bit bitter so you want to really want them and be willing to pay $10 a bucket (no the bucket is in the second picture, not the first....

The most entertaining part of the day was visiting birthday boy Gary at his meat van.   A very affable scottish-aussie, he processes his meat here in Sydney and is able to pass on the discounts to the public by doing so.  It's not as cheap as M&A, but it is cheap for the good quality and it's closeby if we need a stop-gap.  We bought some duck and orange sausages and some pork and fennel sausages.

I was also able to source saltbush lamb locally now, Drovers'choice who I met at the Richmond Markets, sell at Frenchs Forest too.  Friendly blokes there.. will go back to see them!

So, the verdict?
Last time I visited it was pretty sparse and I remember it being a tad on the expensive side.

Mostly, it has changed, some things have not - and again I found most of the certified organic stalls very expensive.  But to me, I buy fruit and vegetables direct at the farm, so it's not surprising I find it expensive.  You may be happy to pay $10 for 2kg of organic apples.  As a local, I'd be more willing to go down to Manly organic markets on Saturday to source my fruit and veg - (more on that next week, promise!)

BUT it is well worth the trip for all the other organic fare.  The meat, the bread, the milk.. oh yes the milk.

When is it on:  Every Sunday 8am -1pm.
Where is it?

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2 lovely comments:

greenfumb on June 5, 2010 at 2:50 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I go there alot, it's only 10 minutes from my house too!

Might see you there tomorrow if it's not raining, I will be the harassed woman with badly behaved Border Collie in tow, trying to eat a pain au raisin and drink a coffee.

Corrie on June 8, 2010 at 7:45 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

you know what i must go too! it's so close but we went about 2 -3 years ago and it was good but not many stalls but it looks busier now and I think we could swing by after church....and yes about 10 minutes from my house too :)

I won't show keira those gorgeous strawberries! she can eat them by the punnet!


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