Friday, June 18

Manly Farmers Markets (amongst others) Go this Saturday!

On cold wet Manly morning, we set off to the Manly Farmers market.  Manly is my home, where I grew up, went to school - so it's always a pleasure going there - a 20 minute drive away.  The beach, the endless streams of cafes and places to eat, the ice-cream strip and of course the markets.

Manly has a few markets:  Every Saturday and Sunday at the end of Sydney Road, right off the corso - there's Manly Art and Craft Markets - home-made jewelry, picture frames, fashion, food.  

Every third Saturday of the Month, Manly Village School Markets is on - this is your bric-a-brac - white -elephant-stall and plants, antiques kind of fare - it's fun.  I've been going for years, never leave with nothing. There's rotary and the Lion's club for food too - Sausage sangas or a steak sandwich with onions..

But today and Every Saturday we are at the Manly Farmer's Market.  It's small at the moment, but well worth a visit - especially when combining with the other markets - but you've got to be early as it packs up about 2-3pm.

Having a relationship with the people you shop from is the most enjoyable way of doing your shopping I think.  But there's a lot (a whole lot) to be said about understanding where your food comes from.  Then it's particularly wonderful if you have a relationship with your vendor AND you get some understanding of where the food they sell you originates.

The first stall we come to is a produce market - this family hails from Windsor/Wiseman's Ferry and bring a huge variety of fruit and vegetables from local producers.  If you ask the husband/wife team where each piece of produce is from, they will tell you.

I bought some mandarins ($4.50 a kg from Windsor) Sebago potatoes ($2 a kg from Wisemans Ferry) and something else... read further..

Look at these beautiful artichokes!

continuing my fig obsession, I bought some of these figs - they were 6 for $5 and delicious - I used some for my fig, date and walnut cake.

Next stall up is Brasserie Bread.  I am totally and unashamedly hooked on their sour cherry sour dough, so we pick up some and also some morning tea:  plain and praline croissants.  Hubby also picks up some of the Olive and Rosemary Loaf.

As you would expect, the service is friendly, and the bread is amazing.  A special weekend treat.

Next we're onto Nashdale Fruit Co stall - Beau and Katie operate many markets in Sydney along with Katie's Dad - we visited them at Marrickville on a Sunday - but it's lovely to know they are close by down here at Manly.

Nashdale have recently launched their own blog - so you can see what they're growing, how they do it and where and when you can buy their produce.  It's got recipes and all kinds of stuff - check it out!

Their apples are wonderful, and I just can't leave without a couple of kilos.  I buy some pink lady and granny smiths.  ($4.50kg) and some broccoli with the side stalks (raab - $4.50) which I used for yummy chinese broccoli this week.

I also treated myself to the lovely sweet mini zucchinis (I think $3 a kilo)- which I used to make my zucchini  ricotta and thyme muffins last week.

Look at this beautiful seasonal produce!  So inspiring...

And here's lovely Lil - who comes along for the ride sometimes from Nashdale - she's such a sweetie and my frills just adored her.

Lastly, Nashdale bring a variety of organic eggs - depending on weight will determine the price but basically $6.00 for a doz 60gr eggs.

So well worth the effort you do find yourself just enamored with the produce - dreaming up ways to cook/eat it so - make it a day out - tomorrow will have all three markets going - perfect time to go! Even if you're not a local, come for an adventure, a walk on the beach - come for the icecream!


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Corrie on June 19, 2010 at 3:36 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I must go! I was having my hair done down there today and of course we finished it up with some fish and chips and ice cream! makes for a nice day but that market looks great and all the produce looks so fresh and inviting



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