Tuesday, July 13

Princess and the Frog Themed party/playdate!

When Disney DVD offered us an opportunity to review Princess and the Frog how could we refuse?  This was the first film we ever took the frills to see at the cinema and they adored it.  I knew they were busting to see it on DVD!

So this school holidays we invited some friends over and made a day of it!

I made some cookies - frog and tiara shapes using this recipe and dotted with currants.  The cookie cutters were a bargain at $2.50 each from Inspired by Chocolate.

And I cut out frogs from cheese and placed them on apple and orange 'lilypads'.  Kids loved them!  I also made mini cupcakes with frogs on top.

We also coloured, cut and attached paddle-pop sticks to frog masks, long term play possibilities there.  And also made some home-made colouring books from pages from here and here.

And the movie?  Fantastic!  I love this movie because it does really have some positive themes for girls in particular.  They don't need to be rescued by a prince, they can be the rescue-r and hard work pays dividends - we love that! The music is gorgeous too, set in Louisiana's bayous it's Jazz all the way, it's infectious!

You can buy it NOW on DVD and Blu-Ray
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This is great Liss! I loved the movie too, good messages throughout and the cute little hick firefly is adorable.


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