Tuesday, August 31

Activity Report: Fire safety fun for the kids

We're going to miss playgroup next year.  OK, maybe I will miss it the most.  With the last two Frills going off to school next year I'll miss our Thursday routine of playgroup.    In this semi-rural community we really do pitch in and help each other - extend friendships to newcomers and although we all may be different in our own ways, we always seem to find a common ground.

Some of these lovely ladies I see daily in the school playground at drop off and pick up and over the years to come more and more will join us at our wonderful local school - that's why I love living where we live - we're so connected by the love of this wonderful place we live - here in the Hills.

Last week at playgroup we had the local fire brigade come to visit and although this is fun based on the  novelty factor alone - living where we do live - surrounded by national parkland, it's an important education too.

Laura was beside herself 'Mummy I'm going to be a firefighter when I grow up!'  I asked Olivia what she thought.  She looked at me with almost a roll in her eye:  "Muuuum.  I'm going to be a Musketeer!!' (like that's even an option...?) Okay then........

The firefighters were fantastic.  They showed us about all of the hoses, explained how the pump worked, and the alarming amount of water they carry!  We they also ran us through safety procedures - what to do if you think your house is on fire, how to call the emergency etc.

And here's their captive audience!

Then all the kids got to have a turn of the hose!  This is my Laura..bless!

And Olivia, she was initially a bit scared but once she was on there, she didn't want to get off! 

The smile says it all! 

They also got to have photos taken 'driving' the fire truck.  Unfortunately my camera died (I sooo need a new camera!) .. I think one of my playgroup mates took a few for me.  Yay.

Do your kids know about fire safety?
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