Sunday, August 15

Cute puppydog cupcakes for RSPCA Cupcake Day tomorrow...

Australia-wide tomorrow, there will be cupcakes. It's the RSPCA Annual Cupcake Day.  If you feel in a baking mood - register - it's not too late!  All proceeds go to caring for the 155, 000 animals that the RSPCA protect and care for each year.   

If you're more of an eater than a baker...  ask around, do a search, you might find a local school or charity are selling! You donate easily online too.  If you are registered, please comment with your name/link to your page so people know who to donate to if they don't know anyone participating!

You can also buy cute merchandise online too whilst you are there!

But if you're inspired to make something .... read on... 

I've just made buttercake cupcakes and iced them with a simple chocolate frosting and decorated to make a puppy!

Simple chocolate frosting
  • 1/2 cup icing mixture
  •  tb cocoa powder 
  • 1-2 tb milk to make the right consistency.

  • marshmallows, cut in 1/3'rds with scissors
  • a few smarties 
  • a fudge icing pen you can buy from the supermarket!

We're also going to be colouring in tomorrow - you can download a colouring sheet from here

Here's some more inspiration if you want to bake... add a link to yours if you like too! x

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5 lovely comments:

Jasmine1485 on August 15, 2010 at 3:35 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Aww your pupcakes are adorable! :) Good on you for supporting such a worthy charity, I used to volunteer at an RSPCA cat shelter and it was the most rewarding job I've had.

Corrie on August 15, 2010 at 3:47 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

ohhh they are so cute! I've never heard of that day but what a great fundraiser idea for the rspca! they do such a good the pink poodle pic you put up! how clever are some people

well done!

Melissa@Suger Coat It on August 15, 2010 at 6:59 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Haha! i love the marshmallow poodles. Soooo cute.

Chantelle {fat mum slim} on August 16, 2010 at 5:43 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Soooo cute!

Love the snow pictures too. I can't wait to do that with Lacey. xx

Mishelle on August 16, 2010 at 9:21 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Cupcake day - that sounds like a cool idea to fundraise!



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