Saturday, August 7

Party- Palooza #1 - 40 Party food ideas

I'm often asked about birthday parties and entertaining.  How to cater, what to do, where to go... and having three litle girls and a wide circle of friends and relatives we do parties on a pretty regular basis.

So I'm starting to share my tips, recipes, experiences and all the fun of parties with Party Palooza!  We'll also have some guest posts - so if you've got an idea or something you'd love to show off, drop me a line!

Today I'm going to leave you with some Party Food Favourites - but bring your party hat for next week!

To start with, here's some recipes I've posted over at kidspot:
Clown cupcakes

Dinosaur Island birthday Cake

Chocolate crackles!

And the rest are from here!  Enjoy!

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