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Party Palooza #2 DISCO Birthday party at Cheeky Monkeys!

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Cheeky monkeys has been on our 'to do list' for a while and although it's a little hidden away it's well worth a visit.  The equipment is modern, clean and there's lots to do. When Eloise was invited along to her classmate Georgie's birthday party she was delighted.  Party invites are always welcome to most kids but Georgie is a sweet girl and Eloise loves playing with her.

Cheeky Monkeys is clean, organised and has friendly staff.  The play centre in its own right is well appointed, with many levels and fun things to do for the over 4's.

There's a toddler area and a place to sit for parents - you can also grab a cuppa and a snack or lunch if you like.  What I like is that it's temperature controlled, so a great getaway from extreme temperatures - unlike some other play centres which are in old tin sheds!

So, a play centre, yeah, most of us have been to one or two of these, but what sets this one apart from the others is the DISCO ROOM.  I was literally blown away. There's a lit dancefloor, funky music and the kids totally wear themselves out!  We looooved that.
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The staff are friendly and carry out all of the party games (we played musical bumps) the food's provided, as a parent you can just sit back and relax, mingle with your guests!

Cost for Monkey Fever Party: $299 for 2 hour party for 10 children.
Any additional children are $20 a head.

Party inclusions: Entry into play centre, private party room with host, all food, drink for the children and standard lolly bags.

Cake: Cheeky monkeys offers a themed birthday cake at extra cost or the option of bringing your own also at no charge.  Catering for adults starts at $25 a platter.

If Monkey Fever Disco party isn't your style you could try:
Slot car racing party
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Space superhero party
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Fairy forest party
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Wizard party
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Computer challenge party

Adults only or family party - I think we're organising to go back to that dancefloor with the adults from the party later in the year!

Cheeky Monkeys Playhouse
4 Daydream Street, Warriewood, NSW 2102

Phone:    9999 0388

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2 lovely comments:

Corrie on August 14, 2010 at 3:16 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

how cool I love it! that is definitely perfect for next year when keira hits school! I'm not ready to deal with all her new friends at my house if we invite all the girls in her class! perfect - love the disco! that looks like the best play centre I've seen so might have to pop up there for a playdate with the kids too!


Tiane said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I really like Cheeky Monkeys for all the reasons that you mentioned. Another good one is the yummy scones they do ;)

The slides are awesome... I have a vid of a much littler little A hooning down them - eeep!


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