Thursday, October 7

Season Savvy Week 18 - Kiwifruit



I'm TGIF'ing today - I'm guessing like a lot of other parents who are nearing the end of the school holidays.   I've enjoyed having Eloise home and the fun stuff we've done but the dynamic of three kids 24x7 has been a tad.. draining at times.  I'll actually be a bit grateful for the routine-ness of school next week - even if does mean the mandatory nagging to get out of the door.

So, kiwifruit.  I'm surprised we as Aussies haven't re-branded this 'Aussiefruit' yet as we do many other things from New Zealand..!?  It's sweet and yummy and at a good price at the moment.  Eloise likes it cut in half and put in her lunchbox and I like it dipped in chocolate.  Most things are good dipped in chocolate right?

So, come on and join us, add a link or use the links and get into your kiwifruit - leave a comment and tell me which one you'd like to try?

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