Wednesday, October 20

Something different for your pink ribbon celebration

Who doesn't love to go to a pink ribbon function?  All that pinkness, for a great cause and usually some yummy sweet treats.    Last year I went to town and made loads of stuff, but I found the savouries I put out where quite popular and could have used more than the 2 dozen pink salmon mini quiches amongst the four dozen cupcakes and 4 dozen iced cookies.

So this year I'm making this too, because it's yummy and most importantly it takes two minutes!  If that!  I've made this a few times in recent times and use light sour cream and keep a little aside for me to have a snack.  Scrum-diddlie-umptious.

Beetroot dip
1 small tin beetroot, drained
1 glove garlic, peeled, roughly chopped
1 spring onion, roughly chopped
250g sour cream

Put all ingredients except the sour cream in a food processor and process until smooth.  Add sour cream, process until desired consistency!

Serve with crackers, celery or carrot sticks or sweet onion turkish bread (a bit pink too!)

So tell me, do you attend or hold pink ribbon functions?
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