Wednesday, October 6

Sydney Childrens Festival #2 Whoa Tilly, craft and photo murals!

I have no idea what took me so long to discover this gem!   Yesterday we went back for our second visit to the Sydney Childrens festival, I realised I've quite by accident discovered how to do it 'properly'.  My advice is to attend a paid-type performance or workshop and then let the kids go crazy in the craft and creative stuff.  That way you actually get to sit down for a while and the kids can wear themselves (and you) out.

Yesterday we took in Whoa Tilly's Tea Party and I have to recommend it if you or your kids love music.  Set to Jazz, there are multiple tables set up with tea sets for kids to sit and watch, but mostly they dance and you may find yourself joining in.  The energy is a little infectious!

The costumes were bright, which matched the spirits - lots of fun!

It's interactive with the kids taking part and it's bright and cheerful.  A great way to spend your morning (or afternoon!)

After the show, we did some craft at the open range craft tables (free!)

Then to the 'Picture Us' area.  This is where you have your photo taken, it is then printed and you can  cut around it and make a mural of yourself - and have your pic taken of your mural - with you in it if you like!    This is popular, but doesn't take long to get through.

 Cool idea huh?
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Nadiah on October 6, 2010 at 4:35 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

A very cool idea. We had a similar thing in Brisbane recently called 'Out of the Box Children's festival', and my son and our playgroup had a ball. It looks like you guys enjoyed yourselves too. I do so love it when the council and community groups organise this kind of thing.


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