Tuesday, October 5

You're growing up: Laura

I haven't done these in a while and I keep reminding myself to!

My Little Laura
When I look at photos of you from even a few months ago I realise how much you have grown.    You still have those little possum eyes.. and the most kissable cheeks but something in your face looks more grown up.

You still are our little clown, you find humour in just about everything and often try to use humour to get your way out of trouble, and very rarely, but sometimes your charm and wit works.  Lately I've had to send you to your room so I could burst out laughing because honestly, you are THAT funny.

An example of this - you come out with a bold statement 'I know all about science, Mum.' in a very knowing way.  So when I ask you to explain it to me.. you respond 'a bit later Mum, I'm a bit busy'.

And busy you are - your favourite things to do are to do with dirt, or construction.  You love playing in the dirt, finding worms, snails - you name it!  And you are amazing with a jigsaw puzzle, you love playing with duplo and the train set, you have a fabulous ability to work out how things go together very quickly - I think you're like your Daddy like that.

You have to know WHY and HOW a lot more these days.  'But Mum WHY do birds have nests?  They can live with us!?'  'Don't birds get cold in nests?'  'Why do birds sit on their eggs, why don't they hug them?' ... you get the idea.  You're not really comfortable with the concept of silence, you feel you need to fill up every bit of silence with your voice and whilst sometimes this is endearing, at other times it can be mighty exasperating.

You still though lack interest and confidence in trying new things and take a defeatist attitude 'I can't do it' although it is getting a lot easier to convince you to try.  What drives me up the wall about you at the moment is when you won't look for something that we've asked you to fetch like your shoes for example and you say 'you can't find it/them'.   The number of times I've almost had a nervous breakdown before leaving for school - because you hadn't found your shoes and you hadn't looked - aaaaaaargh.

You are really looking forward to starting school next year and already roam the playground like you own it.  You are a social butterfly and make friends easily.  You have a great memory for names and always find a way to make people feel special or important.  You will be a great friend to many, I can tell.

You bring light and laughter to every day.  Possy,  Mama loves you!
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