Thursday, November 18

Our days are numbered...

As I took my two twinnies out shopping, holding one hand in each of mine, I squeezed them tight. I didn't object when they asked to sit on my lap on the bus when they are clearly too big.  I looked in their faces as they spoke to me trying to burn it into my brain and memories forever what they are like right. this. second.  because in three months they'll be off to school and I'll be wanting these days back.

When we drop Eloise at school each morning the little girls declare on the way home almost every day 'twinny time' which means just the three of us.  It's not that we don't enjoy Eloise's or even Daddy's company but the dynamic totally changes and we've enjoyed this year just the three of us at home through the day.

You see, I never really had just one at home day after day.   I returned to work soon after Eloise was born (back when I was career focused and hubby had an unreliable income) and then fell pregnant with the little girls before she was one.  I continued to work until I was placed on bedrest, and then hubby had to look after me and Eloise.

Just because I can't get enough of these cute twinny pics! (they are 6mo old in this one)

Now, having two children who can dress, toilet and amuse themselves (mostly) is my payback for three babies in nappies at the same time for 18 months..  Having all three of my children born and into school within 6.5 years of the first being born is not bad at all I think.

So whilst this 6.5 years has flown, I think the past year has flown the quickest.

Most people say to me 'you must be so excited, what are you going to do with your days next year?'

I say 'I'm excited for them - they are ready for school' and that's not be being a sad-sack... it's just I know how-so-fleeting these young years are.  I'm not taking a single one for granted.

And as for next year, I'm sure I'll fill my days - with all that stuff I've been putting off for 6.5 years, like ME.

Are you, will you or did you approach your last baby going to school with sadness or excitement, or like me - a bit of both?
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Jaime [SWHHW] on November 18, 2010 at 7:50 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

There's sadness, but happiness to for me. Although I've still got a couple of years before they're completely off my hands from 9 - 3pm, I do have my baby boy starting school next year.

I'm so happy for him, to be learning and growing up, but I know as soon as he's out of sight there will be tears. Lots of them.

Corrie on November 18, 2010 at 3:29 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

5 years before my last one goes off to school but starting to get a little sad my first one is heading off! will stufff my bag with the kleenex!

I do think when the last one (finally) heads to school I'll have mixed feelings as I will have done it for 9 years by then. But I plan to quilt and keep busy and be mum's taxi!

how cute are the girls in their gap hoodies! adorable


Anonymous said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I freaked big-time when Chaos went to school... I had such a hard time getting pregnant (both times) that I had a hard time letting him go. I learned that I HAD to with his sister Mayhem but I really didn't want to let go. Some days I still miss them a lot and others, when I can sit still and watch a show I taped from 2 weeks ago with a mug of tea - uninterrupted - I realize it's ok.

I love the shot in the hoodies - they look so cute. Makes me want another... *sigh*



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