Thursday, December 30

Here's something for you to bring in the new year - 'The Frilly Cherry' cocktail- loaded or virgin!

Hello again friends!

You know since getting my little friend the cherry chomper I've been a wee bit excited about cherries.  When I saw some beautiful sour cherry cordial yesterday at my local deli - I had to get it..

Yesterday my bestie and I had a few things to celebrate - we survived 2010 - it's been a pretty big year for her - finishing off the 5 year build/reno on her house, she welcomed two puppies into her family, the usual family dramas and also her youngest spent her last year at home, like mine.

2011 is going to be our 'freedom' year and we jokingly used to count down to it when our babies were younger and driving us mad.... it seems a bit surreal we are on the cusp of it now.

The Frilly Cherry:
Layer in 6 parts (or mix in punchbowl) over ice and fresh cherries
1 part triple sec or cointreau
1 part cherry cordial
1 part sugar syrup (2/3 cup caster sugar and 2/3 cup water boiled until sugar dissolved and cooled)
3 parts soda water

It's got a sweet taste, and obviously feel free to skip the alcohol if you're duty driver or not in the mood!  If you can't get the sour cherry cordial - try it with the cordial of your choice - like forest berries and serve it with blueberries and strawberries?

What a big year it's been!  This seems like the perfect way to sum it up - sweet (people) full (busy) of flavour (have had great food experiences this year).

This new years we're thinking of taking the kids to see the fireworks - first time ever.  We'll see how tired they are and play it by ear I think.

Do you drink on New Years?  Do you spend it at home or go out? Do you even stay up?
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1 lovely comments:

Cate on December 30, 2010 at 7:51 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

You are brave - getting a "posi" keeping the kids entertained until the fire works - all too hard - as adults we can handle it - sit with a bottle and some cheese and some dips - we can sit for the long haul - but kids ..... fireworks on the TV seems a much better option for us!!

Prawns on the BBQ sounds better too!!!

Have fun and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!


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