Thursday, January 6

2nd birthday present to EVERYONE Discount codes!

Will update by facebook and twitter when a new discount becomes available!

Do you love to cook with your kids?
But lookie at THIS one!  Mini Gourmets is my first place to shop for a cookie cutter (although they do sell a lot more than those!) and their prices are very reasonable - so a 20% discount when you use the code frillsistwo at checkout is BARGAIN TIME!!!  Thank you Mini Gourmets!

If you love gorgeous kids clothes...
See the skirts my girls are wearing in the header up there?  I bought them from All You Need!  I still love them so (the girls and the skirts!)  All You Need is a gorgeous shop full of original and well made garments for girls and boys and the most gorgeous hairclips and aprons too! (One of the hairclips is even named after one of my girls - the green one, go have a look!).

All You Need ( is offering readers 15% off all items (Including their sale stock!!!!) until midnight 14th January 2010 - use the code: frills

If you're addicted to lip balm...
And even if you're not - you'll be excited to discover and save with Addicted 2 Lip Balm!  Loads of brands, colours, flavours, SPF, for kids, for men even!  What a fabulous find!

Addicted to Lip Balm is offering Frills in the Hills readers 12% their purchases at checkout with the code: frills .  The offer is valid until 31st January AND you get free shipping with you spend $50!  

If you love handmade baby things.....
Pop over to Your Cheeky Monkey for some gorgeous handmade baby loveliness - my pic are the giraffes! Until the 31st January you can buy something sweet for your sweet little one or buy something for a friend who has an imminent delivery - 15% off all purchases over $25!

If you love handmade quality clothing for kids AND mama (plus toys ...everything!)....
Those of you who love the beauty and style of handmade but don't have babies might like something for their kids or even themselves at Woddlebots!  Woddlebots has great outfits for girls and boys made to last - and also some lovely things for Mum!   Woddlebots are offering 15% off all stock with and extra 10% off womens wear - that means 25% off  with the code: frills2011 until 31st January!  Run, don't walk!

If you love handmade embellishments....
And lastly, but not leastly - the last birthday discount code is from the lovely place for all handmade embellishments Apooki. Apooki has offered Frills readers 15% off storewide on their cute range of earrings, brooches, rings, hairbands and slides.   I know a few owl obsessed people who will love this store!  Code ends 31st January 2011.

(and by the way, that cute shopping bag is exactly the one that I was given by my parents for Christmas - isn't it gorgeous?)

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