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Activity Report: There's always a happy ending at Disney Live!

Back in the day of the first baby alive, bay city rollers and the Love Boat, my Sunday nights were doing the same thing.  Watching the Magical World of Disney.  It's there I got my fix of Disney movies and of course Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell and of course my favourite, Snow White.

When my very own Snow White came along (Eloise was nick-named by parents neighbours because of her complexion, lips and hair when she was a baby) we found ourselves 'back in Disneyland' and we've been there ever since.

So it was a very exciting prospect to go and see Disney Live - our friends have always raved about Disney on  Ice and I thought 'this is going to be princess in the extreme, the girls are going to love it'.  I was also advised with our invitation that we would have the opportunity to meet and have photographs with some of the princesses.
courtesy Disney

Like any good mother and blogger, I charged up the camera.  I charged my phone.  I packed a bag, I checked the bus timetable and I got us out the door on time.

The Disney Live Production has travelled far and wide - through the US, Asia and now Australia - with just Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle and Melbourne left before they return back to the US soon.

First bus didn't turn up.  That's OK, I planned to be there early, now we'll just be there on time. When we arrive, pick up our tickets, have lunch, head in - do the obligatory loo stop and then I go to take a photo of my girls in all their excitement heading in with their ticket:  My camera says 'insert card'.

Oh my lord, I have no card in my camera! I panic. This must be that Evil Queen conspiring against me.

The bells ring, we head in find our seats and my girls are BESIDES themselves.  The stage is amazing - the set is amazing and then Pluto, Donald, Minnie Mouse and Mickey greet us - the girls are clapping their hands, squealing at Mickey and laughing at Donald and Goofy.
courtesy Disney

Then the princesses arrive. Snow White story plays out - and the costumes, they are dazzling - the Wicked Queen in particular is my favourite and I scold myself again and again about my camera card.  We're in the best seats!   The special affects have the girls mesmerised and Olivia in particular gets my attention to check if I 'saw that magic Mum' excitedly.... 'Yes, it's amazing isn't it'.  I love the seven dwarves!

courtesy Disney

The lovely Cinderella is next and again the costumes, the sets and the voices are so authentic.  It's like we've stepped into a Disney movie.  I feel myself going back to my childhood and wanting to go live at Disneyland.
courtesy Disney

At intermission I call my contact at the show to fess up about the card, they kindly offer to sit with the girls during the next act whilst I pop next door to Market City to buy another memory card.   I do so quite easily but in the heat and humidity I rush back and take my seat back, start to remove the packaging cutting my lip (it's that dreadful shrink wrapped hard plastic) I'm in the dark and finally I pry it open with a pen, and whooosh - the card I just spent $40 on minutes before, flies into the audience, goodness knows where.

courtesy Disney

My attention is on watching Beauty and Beast and it's I've got to say, my favourite story.  The show ends and again I have to report, I have no photos.  I am completely stressed out because now we will meet the princesses and I won't be able to catch it (dang why don't I have an iPhone I am chastising myself)  Luckily my contacts locate a camera and a few iPhone and the day is saved. This is our happy ending! The day is saved!

Eloise getting princess tips from Belle

Olivia loved Cinderella 'Mum,she's got blonde hair, just like ME'.

Photos of my princesses, with the Disney princesses:  Belle and Cinderella.

Here's a trailer of the show - c'mon you know you want to go right?


Ticket Cost
Depending on the venue but around $115-120 for a family for 4, factor in parking also (Sydney you can book yours with your ticket)  I think this is excellent value given it's a live show and it's so spectacular.  (Given what I spent on Tangled cinema tickets last week - I think it's a bargain!)

The programme is $18 and it has beautiful full colour glossy photos - I think it's worth the money if you want a momento.  Other merchandise is between $25-50.  Everything from dolls to light wands, balloons and plush toys.

Do the toilet run before and in the intermission - you don't want to miss anything  - and PUT THE MEMORY CARD IN YOUR CAMERA.

So friends, are you heading along, have you been or are you tempted for the closest thing to Disneyland without getting on a plane?

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6 lovely comments:

Shell on January 15, 2011 at 12:17 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I am always tempted by anything Disney - but I am a bit of a Disney freak! If I had to watch one type of movie for the rest of my life, it would be Disney Movies... and I would quite happily move to Sleeping Beauty Castle ;)
(ok stopping now!)

p.s. You wally for forgetting the Memory Card - I think that worse than leaving it in my boot! Thank goodness for the saviours!

Corrie on January 15, 2011 at 5:27 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

oh liss what a nightmare! I can't imagine that but I have to laugh visualising losing the memory card, what fabulous people at the show to help you out

the girls look GORGEOUS with the disney princess and I think that is fabulous value actually for a disney show!!!!!!!!!!!! We do disney on ice every year and it's the highlight of keira's year and I can't wait for all the kids to do it next year as even finn is disney princess mad!

well done mum, looks like a memorable occassion!

Lisa said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

What a great report of the day :) I have been tossing up whether to take my daughter and my neice but now I'm definitely booking tickets for tomorrow. Thanks frills!

Super Sarah on January 15, 2011 at 10:03 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

What a gorgeous photo of your girls with the princesses! Amy is going to be so excited tomorrow when she goes and I am going to lend my MIL my camera!

Genine said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

We are off to see this on Australia Day. Bet my boys will love it. Thanks for the run down Frills

House of Dust and Fur on January 20, 2011 at 11:14 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Thanks for the review. My lovely MIL is taking our daughter to see it while hubby and I are at the cricket on Australia Day :)


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