Thursday, January 13

Announcement of 2 winners of Super Food Ideas subscriptions!

I love this little competition because a)  I get to see you cooking and b) because I get to give away Super Food Ideas Subscriptions!   Pretty good huh?

This competition is ongoing so I want to see what you're cooking -it's SO easy - I know you guys are cooking the stuff anyways - just take a pic of you either making it or the end result and put it on the facebook wall to be in the running! (more specific info here)  I take entries from the previous 2 months to pick a winner so with each time you post on the wall you get a go two months in a row at winning!  You can also enter as many times as you like!

So without any further ado here are our winners

Sarah White with Pork Ribs Deluxe (perfect for summer)

And Dawn Tester Stan who baked Banana cupcakes with honey cream frosting

Congratulations ladies - please email me with your addresses and I'll get your subscriptions organised!

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