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First foods I fed my frills eBook

I remember having my first baby Eloise, the lead up to her first experiences of 'real food' was one of trepidation and excitement.  What do I feed her? What can she have?  How should I cook it? How do I store it?  What age can she have this/that/the other?  How do I ensure I'm giving her variety?

My Mum taught me a lot.  I read A LOT of books and called on advice from friends.  I used a lot of trial and error.  But I eventually got it right and I enjoyed doing it so much.  There is something quite wonderful about preparing food for your baby to experience for the first time.  It's a learning experience for both of you!

Second time around and only 18 months later I was giving first foods to my twins, Laura and Olivia.  My life was busier than ever with three babies under two.  At this time I really honed my skills in making healthy and fun food for my babies without spending hours each day chained to the stove and the blender.  This is not one of those stories.

'First food I fed my frills' is about what I did, what I used, tricks I learned and some key recipes that made it work.

I hope it works for you too!  
If you know someone who is pregnant or has a young baby - let them know!
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