Sunday, January 2

Staying cool man! My own frosty fruit icecreams (ish)

Well here we are. A new year and a new beginning.  We're also coming to the end of our little Christmas/new year holiday with hubby having to go back to work on Tuesday so have been hanging out at home just doing little things around the house...

The weather's been hot so the kids have been doing what most Aussie kids are doing - playing outside and getting wet.
Hubby set up the new inflatable pool in the garden and even I got in (brrr it was cold at first!)

Then our frills got up to some slipping and sliding -I loved mine when I was a kid!  (Did you have one?)  This one is a twin one!  We still have the one from last year - hopefully this Australia Day we won't have the big line up like last year...

If you don't have iceblock moulds I sincerely recommend them - you can get imaginative with yoghurt, fruit, cordial or even homemade icecream.  They are also a great idea to have on hand when you have just a little bit of icecream left in the tub or you're on a budget and want to make it last longer - portion control!

I make some imitation splices with pineapple juice, lime and coconut cream - yummy!

I made some iceblocks for the girls after my chilly dip with some two fruits in juice and some pureed banana that was starting to look like it had seen better days.  Not exactly frosty fruits but seriously if I added a bit of crushed pineapple and pureed the whole lot I wouldn't be far off!

Just layer 'em up - no need to spray your moulds or anything drastic like that!

I like these tupperware ones because they seal right up - I have 3 sets so we never have to run out!

Bliss on a hot day!  My popsicle princess

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Penelope on January 6, 2011 at 1:45 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

With my new gadget (zoku icypole maker, freezes icypoles in minutes!) I want to try real splices...let the fruity mix freeze for a few minutes, suck out the middle with a straw or syringe, fill with creamy mix. But what should I use in the middle Liss? Melted/softened vanilla ice-cream?


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