Monday, February 7

A guide to staples: My pantry Masterlist - Sauces, oils, vinegars and condiments

Hello everyone - hope you had an excellent weekend - I'm so glad this hot spell is over in Sydney because I've missed cooking/baking and can't wait to get back to it!!

Today I'm sharing with you part 2 of the staples and pantry masterlist.  Part 1 is here - which is dry goods - today I'm covering sauces and condiments - of which I have plenty!

Obviously you may have more or less - but readers quite often ask me to share my pantry and shopping lists so if you were starting from scratch this is what I would buy.  This time I've put some examples of what I might use the sauce/condiment for if it's not a 'usual type' of pantry staple.

Some of these do need to go in the fridge after opening, but for completeness' sake I've included them!

OK here goes:

Olive oil (regular and extra virgin)
Sesame oil
Macadamia oil (love this in salad dressings)

Cider vinegar (marinades, pickling)
Balsamic (dressing, glazes)
Malt (for your chips of course!)
White (great for making cheaty buttermilk or substitute for egg too!)
White wine (dressings)
Red wine (dressings)
Mirin - japanese rice vinegar (sushi)

Condiments and sauces
Peanut butter (smooth and crunchy)
Jams and marmalade (loads, because I make them!)
Tahini (hoummus)
Golden syrup
Maple syrup
Glucose syrup (toffees, candy, marshmallows)

BBQ sauce
soy sauce 
Chilli sauce
Sweet chilli sauce
Liquid smoke (marinades)
Tabasco sauce
Chinese rice wine (drunken chicken!)
Worcestershire sauce

Hot English

Anything you would add?

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Lisa said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I'm moving house this weekend so I will bookmark this for when I re-stock my pantry. Thank you so much!


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