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What I'm up to this Easter (and my easter goodie guide!)

Did your eyes just bug out of your head?  Did you just gasp?  Easter? Already?  But yes, I'm on to Easter.  You know me, I'm a freak.  And I love Easter.  So there.

So here's what's on MY to-do list for this holidays... (so far!)

1. Food
I'm so making chocolate Babka again. Great way to get on your chocolate merry way or use some leftover chocolate.  Did you see the post last year when I wrote about the Seinfeld episode with the last Babka and the actress I referred to in the episode came and actually COMMENTED?  I nearly wee'd myself.(check out her blog here)

Obviously I'll be making hot cross buns and stashing them in the lead up to the holidays - Hot cross buns for breakfast are just a must for Easter aren't they?  I overdose every year and then can't bear to look at them again. Until next year anyway.

If you don't have time to make some or you'd like to gift some (I like to gift some to the teachers) your best bet is Coles - they have fruit, fruit-free, choc-chip, mini and just about everything is below $5.  I think that's reasonable. don't you?

And of course....EASTER EGGS! - here's some ideas

If you are the one who eventually eats all or some of your kids Easter chocolate
You can't go past the gorgeous Lindt egg with bunny ears or the heads and tails sliding box.  You can slide the feet and heads to make fun combinations. Six mini bars of glorious Lindt inside, great to give a group of kids or a family - a little bit for everyone!

If you are the one who has or knows a child (or adult!) with a dietary intolerance
The Sweet William bag of bunnies is fabulous.  Dairy/gluten/nut/lactose free.  They even have a 10 pack of bunnies which has no sugar added!  Otherwise they come in 12 and 15 pack of individual foil wrapped bunnies.

If you need to go the economy option
Try Darrell Lea, IGA/Local supermarket for no-name eggs.  Especially if you are doing an egg hunt.  It gets pretty exxy!

If you are one of those people I love who doesn't like chocolate or can't eat it (more for me you see)
Try buying some empty plastic egg cases from spotlight (very inexpensive) and fill with things like stickers, jellies, novelties money or for adults maybe a love note, some jewelry or even a promise to do the dishes.

2. Family
Even if you don't have annual leave over the Easter break there's still a bunch of public holidays so I always make it a priority at Easter to spend it with family rather than use it as time to catch up on housework (any excuse!).    My mother in law usually makes the trip down and we enjoy her visit.. she only sees the frills a few times a year and misses them dearly - so it's a special time.

But, remember even if family aren't visiting - it's easy to transport Easter WITH you if you want to go away (far easier than Christmas).  We have Easter traditions with friends and family - we host Easter lunch or afternoon tea and the kids have an egg hunt.  Whilst they are all 'believers' it's a lot of fun.  I think more fun for us than them actually!

3. Exercise
I like to spend as much time as possible outdoors over Easter - because usually it's the nearing winter and the cooler weather - the days are warm but not too hot.  My mother in law being the avid gardener we will usually work off at least some of those easter eggs and hot cross buns in the garden.  You might remember two years ago we began our opera house vege garden and last Easter we harvested our first autumn crops, and started planting our own seedlings.

This year I'd like to shift some things around the vege garden, get some peas going and put a second lot of carrots down.  There's A LOT of weeding to be done.  Lots of exercise!  Get in your garden this Easter - start one, be it a few herbs or get busy!!  It's a great time to get started!

4. History
I'm personally going to use some of my time in the evenings to get on with a project I've been working on for years - Family History.  I've got a bit of the way down my Grandmother's line but I'd like to add more to the 'names' by adding stories - trying to source photos etc.  Hopefully my Nan is up for the task.

I'm also taking the girls back to the Australian Museum during the holidays.  Eloise has been doing some environment topics this term at school and Laura and Olivia have been learning about bones and parts of the body and what they do - I think going back with a fresh mind - they would get so much more from it.  It's really cost effective and fun day out.

and Lastly..

5. Creativity:
Easter is a time I like to get my craft on.  Especially on those rainy days.   Woolworths has a colouring in competition going at the moment I think in most stores across the country.  Eloise is a colouring-in-aholic and is convinced she's going to win.  She doesn't even know what the prize is!

Last year we made our own Easter egg hunt baskets from coloured paper, tape, ribbon and some margarine containers!  We'll be using them again this year - they are so cute!

This year I think I'm going to give egg blowing and dye-ing a go.  I'd going to sew too.  I have some beautiful fabrics to use and I really do need to re-cover my lounge cushions.

So all in all I'm going to be very busy - but very happy. Easter is the time to share and cherish.  I hope the Easter Bunny is kind to me this year - I've been good - honest!

What do you like to do at Easter?  Do you go away?  Spend it with family?
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Christie on March 21, 2011 at 9:43 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Easter looks busy and fulfilling in your home this year Liss. I am really looking forward to ours as we will be in our new home. Imagine the Easter Egg hunt we will be able to have on 2 acres! (Better write myself a map).

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella on March 21, 2011 at 5:29 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Mmm chocolate babka! I love how much chocolate you have ribboned through out :) OK if you don't send in that pic of Eloise to a casting director I will!


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