Friday, April 1

Don't forget your dog at Easter - fun and hilarious things to buy your dog!

I'm giving some thought to what to get for Easter for the sixth member of our family, our Dog Dougall.  Every year he gets Christmas presents, birthday bones and something for Easter.  Last year we got him some new water bowls and a new lead, this year I'm thinking of something else.

As you might know, chocolate is poisonous to dogs, so don't give your hound chocolate for Easter - but I have found some weird and wonderful things on the internet I thought I'd share with you... what do you think?  I'm not as bonkers as I thought, there are MUCH nuttier nuts out there than me I think!

A couple of Gucci toys out on the market for dogs - and that are utterly hilarious is Chicktoria and Beakham rubber chickens. They are $14.95 - 24.95 each depending on size from Dogue

Easter egg doggie treats - I thought these were cute and not too exxy at $5 a packet from Snootypaws (they also have doggie donuts, I am NOT joking)

You could alternatively make my doggie biscuits and ice (or not) with carob like these?

Obviously those swedes at Ikea are enamoured with their dogs too because they have just released the Hundstol - the dog high chair!  It comes with a built in doggy bowl and everything. lead free paint and takes dogs up to 35kgs.. I'm thinking perhaps because it's so cold there in the winter?  There's obviously a market for it...perhaps more couples are opting for dogs than children these days??  Details, dimensions here:

Do you think you'd invite your dog to the dinner table? Do or would you buy gifts for your pets on birthdays/holidays?  Do you think all of this is totally whacko or what?
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2 lovely comments:

Lucy on April 1, 2011 at 12:20 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Ahhhaahha, these are priceless. I refuse to show my dog. He will feel deeply neglected...

Anonymous said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

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