Monday, April 4

When I was 17....

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  • 1 lived 20km from where I live now
  • I was in Year 11 at High School
  • I was studying three languages at school
  • I wanted to be a linguist
  • I loved INXS, Sting and the Police, U2
  • I bought Cosmo Magazine and sometimes Smash Hits
  • I taped my favourite film clips on the VCR.
  • A highlight of our family's week was watching the Comedy Company on Sunday night.
  • I went to Naval cadets on Saturday - I loved to sail
  • I got a spiral perm
  • I loved hairspray and charlie perfume
  • I slept in a single bed and my bedroom was pale pink and blue.  Very 80's.
  • I had my first boyfriend who owned and could drive his own car
  • I met my now best friend, we weren't best friends then but I did introduce her to her now husband - who was my first ever boyfriend (and is now good mates with my hubby - how incestuous!)
  • My must-have gadgets was my walkman and my ghetto blaster.
  • My favourite meal was thai coconut chicken curry (My Dad made this at our house)
  • I couldn't wait to enrol to vote
  • I kept a diary
  • I couldn't wait to grow up and leave home, travel the world!
What were you doing at 17?  Link up your blog entry or just tell me here!

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Wendy on April 4, 2011 at 1:10 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

What an awesome post. Loved it. I was in year 12 at high school. Unlike you I didn't study at all really. It was all about the social side of things. I worked part time as a checkout chick and didn't play any sports. While I was 17 I finished school. Got my first full time job. Got my first car. Got my license. Planned on a holiday on a cruise ship (big time then) but ended up falling pregnant to a boy I was friends with all throughout high school and by the time I turned 18 I already had my first son. WOW.


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