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Behind the Scenes: Australian Good Taste Cover Shoot!

After having so much fun contributing to the Australian Good Taste Reader's issue the icing on the cake is being a guest at the cover shoot.   When I went to the editorial photo shoot I left with an idea of how painstakingly perfect each shot needs to be, how it needs to convey the look and feel of the issue and the magazine....

Well the cover shoot was like that, but on speed.

Miranda is preparing the food, today's stylist Saskia is busy preparing the props and Michelle, AGT's food editor is briefing the photographer, Brett and his assistant.   Michelle pops on her phone to speak to Brodee the Editor just to run a few things by her prop-wise and then the pre-shoot is set up and sent for approval.

Meanwhile Michelle steps into the kitchen and works on the detail of the recipe for the cover - the Mile High Guinness Pie.  Back in November ideas were workshopped and many options were made and tested before arriving at the decision in January this year was going to be the June cover recipe... takes longer than you think right?

The recipe is then tweaked, and tweaked again and Michelle sends a brief to the stylist to advise what sort of theme, inclusions and options she needs for the cover shot.

So in Michelle's test the five layers of pastry have turned out many times and are wonky - this is the effect we're after but we're using different ramekins, and a different oven, and it's just not going 'mile high'.  There is a nervous huddle around said oven.  It's a no-go.  So the recipe is tweaked and put back in the oven and bingo!  It works.

Over to the stylist and the shoot begins, re-positioning and a couple of options everyone is happy with and it's sent over for approval by the Editor.

We start moving onto the next cover (I know two in one day - crrazy!) and the word comes back - it needs something else, a bit of this and that and finally it's sent over and hurrah everyone's happy!

By then everyone who has tried the recipe 50 gadzillion times in the past few weeks is over it, and it's been heated, reheated, and heated again.  No one opts to eat it. We move on.

Then there's a phone call - did you get a photo of Liss with the pie?  Ummm problem.   Brodee wants a pic of me with the pie.  Where's my hair and makeup artist? Why didn't I wash and blowdry my hair this morning?  Oh my lordy-me.

Where's the pie?

It's in the bin.

So Michelle makes another.  We're laughing! Such is life of Food Magazines - but clearly the photo was not meant to be - it's not in the issue (Just between you and me - a bit relieved!)  The good news is,  I did eat that one, and it's delicious.

So what's inside the cover? Here's a few shots - but you really are going to have to get it yourself - my hubby thinks my profile shot looks like I'm naked - I assure you I AM NOT.  Not that day anyways.

Here's Michelle's recipe on the sky-high-guiness-pie.  YUM.

Here I am reviewing a few things....

And Tobie shares his gnudi recipe with everyone - I'm quoted on this one - it's delicious! I tasted it last time I visited the Australian Good Taste offices.

I attended the shoot of the Take 5 section - those behind the scenes shots here

So that's it!  I hope you've enjoyed the behind-the-scenes journey as much as I have! Pick it up at the shops from May 25th, or if you subscribe you should have your issue very soon - let me know what you think?!
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2 lovely comments:

Jodie Ansted on May 20, 2011 at 11:09 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Wow. That is SO fabulous! I'd be in seventh heaven watching that sort of thing. Find it absolutely fascinating.

Haha...naked you. Will have to go grab myself a copy. ;) xx

Jane Wightman on May 30, 2011 at 12:59 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Ok Liss I figure if ANYONE on this planet has the contacts you must. Bought myself one of those tricky little pastry lattice cutters (see attached pic)
Now the thing is they do not come with any instructions.
Which is daft. I thought it would be one of those gadgets which just have a common sense approach and all will turn out just peachy-keen. Not so.
Yes I am a woman, a wife and a mum, but really I am not always (... omnipotent, omniscient, et al, but in truth usually are omnipresent) able to connect with the karma of the universe to figure out the best way to use certain gadgets.
Sadly I am one of those control-freak people who always read the instruction manual... much to the amusement of husband and kids!
Spent over 2 days trolling You Tube and various other googley sites looking for clues as to the best possible way to use this sucker.... without ANY success!
So Liss, my sanity is in your hands!


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