Monday, June 13

Activity Report: Frills go bowling!

Well if you're having the Queens Birthday Long Weekend, and you're in South Eastern Australia - you're probably freezing.  I am.  But I don't mind so much - we're keeping ourselves busy with boardgames, dancing to 80's music video clips on TV and a spot of cooking here and there.

Something that we did last weekend was go to two birthday parties.  This happens when you have three daughters.  Party invites at times are more frequent than toilet trips (ok I am exaggerating, so what?).. I like a birthday party where the adults can get involved a little - not just 'supervising' or being in separate camps... the best fun I've had at birthday parties is where the adults get to play the games too.. don't you reckon?

One of our parties last weekend was great like that - it was a bowling party.   Ten pin bowling has certainly moved along from those daggy shoes and the smell of foot odour.  It's pretty chic these days actually.. OK the shoes are still a little daggy.. but you don't have to try millions of pairs on - you just see how big your foot is on the on-floor sizer:

We went to Dee Why AMF Bowl and it's lovely and modern, bright and clean.   I was impressed.  And the birthday party ran like clockwork.  It did require some parents to stay and help some of the kids - but I didn't mind.  We were all having fun.

It's so exciting and our group of 4 - were first time bowlers so we were all learning together.  In the beginning I was putting the ball on the frame (which helps beginners aim) and aiming it - by the end they were lifting the balls themselves and positioning the frame.

They put the gutters up too, so no one feels totally like a dumkopf.

The kids were loving it, no cross words, no competitive biffs, just pure fun - this is the birthday boy K, strutting his bowling moves!

And no more scoring with pencils!  It's all computerised.  That saves a lot of arguments!
My girls did pretty okay I think!

Then it was time for the party - and well the party food isn't exactly gourmet or healthy - but it is a party and if you can't indulge at a party - when can you?

The birthday boy enjoyed himself - and that, is the main thing.  The other factor was it was his Mum's birthday, and she had no washing up! Bonus!

And you bring your own cake or pay for one - up to you - happy birthday K

The lowdown - 
Buy your tickets online - They are much cheaper !  Online you can get tickets for $7.95 a game whereby normally they could be almost double that.

Party cost from $19.90 per child - includes 1 game, arcade tokens, party bag for each child, and party food as pictured.   This may vary upon where you live and what packages they offer.  Click here for more info.

Do you go bowling or did you as a child?  We're going back, the kids love it and it's a great activity to do as a family - especially in extreme weather!
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