Friday, June 24

Eloise... you're growing up

Oh boy are you growing up!
All of a sudden you are a pre-teen!  You've only just turned seven and already in the last few months so many things have happened.   You got glasses, you have just lost your first front tooth this week and by mighty you've got an attitude some days!

You are more concerned about how others view and judge you - the phrase 'Mum, that will be EMBARASSING!' is popping up more and more these days.  Some days are just a battle with you believing you know best in each situation and refusal to listen.. it can be totally exasperating and I worry about your teen years - how are we going to get through those?

You can also have such helpful and generous moments too - you have procured some very nice friendships this year at school.  Your glasses have given you back some of the academic confidence you lost in first term.  That is such a relief.

On another positive note you still love to read and EJ12 is your favourite book series at present. You've found a passion in writing - even your school report says how much you love to write and carefully construct sentences and plots and put thought into making interesting compositions.  I must admit I shed a little bit of a tear of pride reading that.

You've also discovered music with your new iPod - Katy Perry rocks your world and I don't think I'm going to forgive Daddy for putting it on there - you sing at the top of your lungs whilst wearing headphones and although I've set the volume to a low volume with password I think you pretend you can't hear us when you're wearing them - cunning little mite you are.

You've had fun with photography since acquiring your iPod Touch and your new digital camera but I think I'm going to have to encourage you how to actually think about what you're taking pics of... so I don't have to spend 2 hours downloading everything (no joke!).

Your cooking passion continues and we're going to make some of the recipes from your first very own cookbook you got for your birthday this weekend - I'm really looking forward to that and I know you are too - I know you are wanting more one-on-one time with me just to 'talk about stuff' which is another indicator of how much you are growing up - but hey! You agreed to stay seven for two years... don't get much bigger OK? Mummy is NOT ready.

The magic of childhood has not left you though - you recounted to me your meeting with the toothfairy this week - her beautiful blue dress and ENORMOUS wings and long blonde hair.  Lucky you.  I love you baby girl! xxx
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