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What Australian Bloggers think about sponsored posts

Us bloggers have these thoughts and sometimes we'll even externalise them into a blog post, a forum post or (even!) a 'real life' discussion.  I decided to bring together a group of bloggers of different genres and experience together to understand what Australian Bloggers think as a community, of themselves and of others, their relationships with brands, PR's, blogger platforms and few other things... stay tuned each fortnight..!

My thoughts on sponsored posts are quite well known I think... but to recap I'm not a fan of doing them.  I  haven't done them, nor will I.  I don't begrudge others and read blogs that have them  - I think sponsored posts have their place in the blogsphere and I foresee in the future they will feature more heavily.. my position is that I want to be the only editor on my blog.  I don't want to hand over that editorial control to a brand or an advertising network... that's what I'm comfortable with and I think whatever you are comfortable with is good, it's your blog and your real estate, use it as you see fit!

Today's question is : 
How do you feel about sponsored posts? Doing them and reading them...? 

I don't mind them.  If I read a sponsored post sometimes I actually learn something new which is always nice.  I'd be happy to do a sponsored post if it was the right thing for me at the time. 
Amelia, Wedding, babies Everything [family] [9 months blogging]

Do them a little bit but don't really like them for the hiking site.  Will do HONEST product reviews.  Money is not that good anyway.
Frank - Our Hiking Blog,[outdoors/hiking] and Cradle Mountain [tourism] [8 years blogging]                                                                                                           

Sponsored posts have allowed me to close my online store which was taking up so much of my time while bringing in more money to the family budget. With a family of 6 and me being a stay at home mummy it's been great. And for me it works well because I receive a lot of PR emails and enquiries and Nuffnang look after all of it for me. More time for me to spend on family, blogging and craft.
Corrie - Retro Mummy [craft, family] [5 years blogging]

I have no issue with both - as long as it is stated that it is a sponsored post -i DO have an issue with the blogger just copying and pasting the press release word for word though - use your own words people (although coming from a background in PR, it was very flattering to see you press release used word for word haha!)
Caitlin - Chasing Cait [Fashion, Beauty] [9 months blogging] 

I do have sponsored posts. I like to limit them to at most one a month so that it doesn't crowd content. As far as reading them goes, I enjoy reading them as long as they're done well. I don't want to read a regurgitated press release, but a well written sponsored post will read like any other post - a certain product will just be a part of the story.
Zoey, Good Goog [personal, parenting] [2 years blogging]

I feel sponsored posts have a place in blogging. I do read them, but I if the blogger is all sponsored posts and no actual content I would stop reading. If the opportunity were to arise for me to take part in sponsored posts I would certainly look at it. If I thought the topic/products would be of interest to my readers and was of interest to me then I wouldn’t hesitate.
Amy, MahliMoo  [craft, parenting] [6 months blogging]

I'm more than happy to write sponsored posts so long as I'm still able to write them in my style and that they are of content that is relevant to the Styling You reader.
Nikki, Styling You [Fashion, beauty] [3 years blogging]

I've not ever written a sponsored post, and I would probably be very fussy if I was approached to do so. If I'm to read one, I am turned off by blatant selling, too-tenuous links between a blog's "brand" and the product they are hawking, and short posts with seemingly little point except kickbacks for the author.
Stacey, Veggie Mama [food, parenting] [18 months blogging]

I'm a great advocate for sponsored posts, providing it's a brand that you truly believe in and providing that you're being paid correctly for your time and blog post.  I've turned down a well paying sponsored post because it wasn't something that I felt right about promoting. I always read sponsored posts if they appear on blogs that I enjoy and trust.
 Melissa, One Crafty Mumma  [craft,family] [5 years blogging] 

Not a big fan of sponsored posts but have no problem with banner advertising and also writing a blog post promoting that product free of charge. Anything I advertise I prefer to write about because I only really want to sell things I actually believe are useful for my readers. I want my readers to know WHY I am advertising that product to them.
James - Aussie Green Thumb  [gardening] [9 months blogging]

What are your thoughts as a reader or potential executor of a sponsored post?  Do you think there's enough money in it?  Do you like reading them?  What advice would you give a blogger who is considering doing them or a brand considering paying for them?

If you are interested in taking part in this series as a blogger in either the technology, travel or sports arenas or a PR please don't hesitate to email me!
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5 lovely comments:

Dorothy on July 26, 2011 at 11:14 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I've done a couple of sponsored posts and I wrote them in my "voice" and they were not edited by the sponsor.

I like reading the ones that don't read like a sponsored posts, but like they're just part of the blog. I think that is really special skill.

I'd love to do more myself, but I would be careful who they were for. They would still need to "fit" with my blog and my voice.

Seana Smith on July 26, 2011 at 11:21 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

Hi Liss, This is an interesting topic and series for new bloggers, like myself. I must say that I don't mind reading sponsored posts at all so long as they are informative and well written. Sponsored posts are advertised as being sponsored and I generally have great faith in the bloggers whose blogs I read.

It would be really interesting to hear what sort of payments are made per sponsored post; I guess that depends a lot, but rough guidelines would be good.

We're all used to adverts in magazines and on TV, so as long as they are clear, no worries.

I just received the first ever item for a potential review. When contacted, I had my: 'Do I? Don't I?' moment.

But it's something I think my kids will enjoy trying, I will too! And I don't have to write a thing... and if/when I do, I will be honest and try to be entertaining. And it fits my family/blog, I think.

Thanks for these posts Liss.

Veggie Mama on July 26, 2011 at 7:12 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I quite like reading them if they're written well and very much in the blogger's "voice". I've found quite a few new products this way! I like it when somebody I trust gives me an honest review - it might help save me money.

amummy on July 26, 2011 at 7:37 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

This is a great sponsored post, I read recently: http://badskirt.blogspot.com/2011/07/away-we-go.html

personally I don't mind sponsored posts, if they are relevant to the blog.

Anonymous said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

as a reader and a non blogger, i don't like them... as soon as i see them, i click off... i know it helps my favourite bloggers make money... but i just don't enjoy reading advertising


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