Sunday, May 6

The day when Tim Tams grew on trees

On Wednesday I was at The Truly, Madly Tim Tam Orchard as a guest of Arnott’s Tim Tam.

I mean honestly - Tim Tam invite you to an event.. you go, right?  I haven't been to any bloggy events in ages because I haven't been in the country or I've been too busy but I just had to make time for this one!  I'm so glad I did.

Tim Tam invited Sydney-siders to come and claim their free Tim Tams from their Tim Tam Orchard in Martin Place to not only share the Tim Tam love but also explore the statement posed by a Tim Tam Facebook Fan.. 'I wish Tim Tams grew on trees'.

I posted on my Facebook page and asked Twitter 'what's your favourite Tim Tam variety?'.  So many responded the original but me, I love the choc-mint or the black forest (in the fridge). Someone even posted they like to milkshakes with theirs.. so of course I had to try that..

Verdict - not so sure...  It made the biscuit bit a bit too soggy for me... but hey it tastes unmistakeably tim-tam-ish!!

I have also made Tim Tam Cake here:

So I headed up to Martin Place on Wednesday and the orchard was fantastic and all the punters loved it - such a clever marketing campaign.. when I arrived at 4pm they had handed out 60,000 packets of Tim Tams!!  When peak hour hit at 5pm it was mayhem and literally all the 'farmers' in the orchard found it hard to keep up with demand and pallet after pallet after pallet was generously handed out to the public.

At day's end I believe 100,000 packets of tim tams where gloriously envoyed with Sydney-siders everywhere.

The vibe was fantastic - especially around the large Tim Tam tree - which was central to the TV ad being shot there also.. it had names of Tim Tam Facebook likers ... tried to find my name.. but I guess there's a lot of us!

I asked passers-by what they like about Tim Tams:

'Part of the Australian Identity'
'Great hit for a chocoholic'
'Fun for Tim Tam Slams'

(here's Jennifer Love Hewitt's instructional video!)

but I had so many people say 'what DON'T I like about Tim Tams?'.

When I got back to my office and let them know where I'd been, within 5 minutes the office was albeit silent - they had all rushed to Martin Place!  Look at these happy faces!
Our colleagues from The Philippines and Malaysia will be spreading the good tim-tam word!

I reckon the only way you could improve on a Tim Tam Tree is by putting 100 buck note in each pack.  That would be brilliant - that way you would get money AND tim-tams whenever you wanted!

If you could choose something to grow on trees what would it be?
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3 lovely comments:

Katy_Potaty on May 6, 2012 at 10:00 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I would LOVE Arnott's Gingernuts to grow on trees - they are the only biscuit that I can eat a whole packet of without getting sick! (Maybe that's because ginger is good for the tummy?!?)

Liss on May 6, 2012 at 10:02 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

@Katy_Potaty Katy I ADORE gingernuts too - you mean the hard ones you nearly break your teeth on right? Dip it into your tea! Ooooh now I want one (or ten) Waah!

meljb on May 9, 2012 at 3:24 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

tim tam cheese cake is awesome


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