Sunday, June 10

Eloise is EIGHT

Every year seems to pass quicker than the last.  So much has happened with us as a family this past year with me working and travelling - even more so.  Eloise, I don't know whether it's Mummy not being around as much and Daddy giving you more independence or just the fact that you've gone from seven to eight but it's seems like a very big jump.

This year you've taken a huge interest in music.  Of course for me a huge music lover and growing up around so much music I'm very supportive of this.   You love your iPod, have started collecting your own CD's.  Big hits of this year have been Adele and So Fresh.  You've also shown great talent for playing music and the school's music teacher has encouraged you to move on to the clarinet because you're so good at recorder.  I'm so proud of you.

You've had a tumultuous year with friendships - you do have a wicked tongue and are learning (mostly by fire) to treat those the way you would like to be treated.  Your teacher this year is brilliant at encouraging you in this area - Daddy and I are very grateful for her steady hand.

Your love of writing has not waned and you still love to write stories and are firm in your desire to be a writer when you grow up.  Your favourite books to read are Roald Dahl ones and when we bought you a Kindle this birthday we made sure it was loaded up with them - saves you having to re-borrow them every week at the school library!

Your concern over personal appearance has stepped up a notch this year - though you're still conservative - no short shorts or skirts.. and also this year surprisingly half boys and half girls at the birthday party - first time you've wanted to invite boys... Daddy is not worried..yet.

This year you also had your first trip overseas and I was so proud of you - you travel well and enjoy learning about other cultures, people and food.  I can always count on you to try something new.

It's a pleasure to watch you grow up but also a little sad, you won't be my baby girl much longer xxx

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rah on June 10, 2012 at 9:01 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

I remember my 8th birthday... Such an exciting age!!


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