Sunday, July 8

This is so cool! 20 years ago, what would you be saying to yourself?

This guy Jeremiah McDonald must have had early plans to be a film maker because when he was twelve he started an interview with himself in twenty years time.   Now twenty years on he answers his own questions, and asked a few more, this is very cool!

For me, I was 21, almost.   I was preparing to move overseas, my boyfriend's name was Darren and I lived in a share-flat down the road from my parents house with 2 blokes - one who managed a club and the other one spent most of his life there.    I spent my weekends going to the movies, drinking, going out dancing to house music and of course hanging out with the boyfriend.

At 41 (almost, this Wednesday) I guess I would have thought I'd be married with some kids and be 'old' like my parents (and my Mum was a year younger than I am now at that time!) maybe living overseas.

I probably would have asked myself at the time if I was still with Darren - the answer is obviously no but we are facebook friends (counts for something right?)  Was I still hanging out with my friends?  Well I'm in contact with some of them but not all - no real reason.  Was I still living in Australia?  Well yes, I am, most of the time.  For a job, are you a linguist?  Um, no I'm not!

What would you have asked yourself 20 years ago?  Would your answers be much different than what you'd expected 20 years ago?
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Katie Lindsay on September 10, 2012 at 3:09 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

20 years ago, I was 9 years old, and in grade 4. That was the year I got quinsy and so had my tonsils out, and the year my favourite cousin was born.
I guess I would have asked myself if I was married (yes) and had kids yet (no). I would have expected myself to own a house, and be settled in a career by now. I wouldn't have expected, but would have been pretty impressed by the travel I have done.


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