Friday, September 28

Top 5 simple finger foods with the wow factor!

Hello everyone!

The long weekend is upon us and it's had me going through my archives looking for some quick-fixes for our long weekend entertaining.   I often forget what a great archive I have as I'm usually wanting to try new things but this weekend I'm going to give a few of these a rustle-up, relax with my family and I might even catch myself watching a bit of the games!

Let me know if you try some of them too, any you'd like to try out?

Chilli-Lime Nuts

You're going to love me for these - simple, moorish, best with a cold beer, champers or frilly cocktail - you choose!

Snacky Franks

I think you or the blokes in your life can't go past a frank when you're watching footy, these are simple and moorish, I guarantee you can make these even after a few drinks.. just set the timer on the oven ;)

Complete Hotdogs

Yes, this is the bun and the frankfurt combined, delicious and can be made for a crowd in advance! Brilliant for the host who needs to watch the game!!

Warm Pizza Dip!

I made this for a gathering not so long ago, and let me tell you - it doesn't last long, so easy too and a prepare-ahead dish with the wow factor!

Super refreshing (and moderately healthy) salsa

For those of you on a health-kick - never fear - salsa to the rescue!  The lime juice and coriander gives this such a lift, you might need to make double!  I toast mountain bread sometimes as a substitute for corn-chips... 
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