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2012 - Reflection on the year, this blog and my food highlights

At the end of each year I, like most people find myself reflecting on the year and think about what happened, great times, challenges and what I want 2013 to be.

This blog has been so much a documentation of my kids growing up, which is what I originally intended it to be - nearly four years ago in fact!  It started because I had a very scary brush with death and went through a bit of an existential crisis - how would I want to be remembered by my kids if I had passed away?  Would they know me?  

This grew from my thoughts to sharing our time together in photos, sharing my recipes.  Little did I know sharing the recipes I created and tried would help me form a community which has given me so much - when readers say 'thanks for sharing' I always am thinking 'thank YOU for sharing' because having an outlet, having Mums like me (and not just Mums - Dads, grandparents and just food lovers in general!) connect on some common ground has brought me so much happiness.

This blog is much, much more than a blog. Whilst I'm away it's a portable memory bank.  I can document some of my experiences.  When I'm homesick, I read through my old posts and get a big hug from the photos.   Conversely Hubby is able to re-create the kids' favourites through having Mummy's cookbook at his fingertips.   Although I can't be with the kids all the time I know they are still eating Mumma's food!  

Quick highlights of 2012:

We rang in the new year in Manila, Philippines.  It was the Frills' first trip overseas and mine and hubby's first overseas trip together ever.  We went to Tagaytay, the kids and hubby went to Intramurros and Ocean Park whilst I was at work and we did a whoooole lot of shopping.   

Food highlight:  Crispy Pata at Josephines, Tagaytay.

As a family we went to Hong Kong for a weekend, that was amazing.  It's a big deal taking your kids to Disneyland, especially if you've never been.  And even if it's only Hong Kong Disneyland it's still magical.  I know that's something that as a family we'll be talking about well into the future. (Especially about my Space Mountain 'episode' haa!)

Food highlight:  Mickey Waffles

In April, my Mum came and met me in Manila whilst I was on a business trip and I took her to Boracay for the weekend.  It was fabulous but the only downside was it wasn't long enough.   I would totally recommend trip to Boracay - but as a couple or a group - not a family. It's perfect for those who need a total chill-out,  a massage and some blue skies.

Food highlight:  Roasted Crab at Cyma Restaurant
Cyma Roasted Crabs

In June our beautiful Eloise turned eight  - there's something about your eldest's  birthday - it makes you realise life it too short and how quickly kids grow up.  She had a fabulous birthday and we took her and her friends bowling.

And as if life wasn't hectic or exciting enough, in July we moved house!  Just around the corner from our old house. I literally got off a plane, went to Ikea, painted the new house, moved in and went on another plane.  Crazy? Yes.

We are finally settled in and looking forward to our first Christmas here.

And in July I celebrated my birthday... on an airplane.  I'm not joking I was travelling between Manila and Kuala Lumpur - I spent a lot of my year in planes.  Believe it or not I still live in Australia most of the time - but I do travel every month internationally for around 2 weeks.  Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.   In October I was away the entire month, but there have been a few (and I mean two) months this year I haven't travelled at all.

We did do some more travelling together as a family though, in September in Cairns my baby sister got married and my Frills with their cousins, were flowergirls.  A very special time for our family.

I have been to some cities for the first time this year - Shanghai and Dalian in China and Jakarta Indonesia.  Definite highlight was a jam-packed Saturday I spent in Shanghai.  

Food Highlight:  Soup Dumpling (Xiaolongbau) in Shanghai

Now we are upon my little twin's 7th birthday.  Time is flying!

So those of you who have followed since the beginning, the middle or more recently, thank you for continuing to visit, and sharing your thoughts, comments, recipes, experiences.  This blog is not shutting down or being deleted, abandoned, it's just changing like my life and my family.

In 2013 there's going to be a face-lift.. there will still be recipes, there will be more family travel and more of my girls growing up.. that bit is inevitable!

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Charmaine on December 18, 2012 at 10:41 PM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

What a year it has been Liss. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. Look forward to more posts in 2013.

Kitcheninspirations on December 22, 2012 at 8:01 AM said... [Reply to this amazing comment]

What a lovely recap. I'd love to travel like that for work.


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