Friday, December 28

Free printable - my bathroom sign (with a bit of backwards humour!)

When you don't move into a new house there are relics from those who've been there before you.  In this house, it's picture hooks, we must have removed, plastered and painted over at least two dozen of them in our lounge and dining room, about 6 in our dining room and we still have a ways to go.

there are some picture hooks though which I've re-used, and this one is one of the very few.  Every time you wash your hands after using the family bathroom, there's a big hook looking at you in the reflection.. so I put a quick end to that on all days, Christmas Eve.  Couldn't look at it a second longer.

Something I'm always on to my frills about is washing their hands properly, with soap.  So I thought whilst they are in there washing their hands it couldn't hurt for a reminder.  But they'd be looking in the mirror so I reversed it... :)

I just printed it in A4 and put it in an Ikea frame.

Of course, when you look at it in the mirror it looks like this:

and up close:


Here's the reversed signs:
Blue (like in the first image)
Lifesaver (like the one I have framed)

Here's the non-reversed signs (in case your view of not of the mirror!)
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