Saturday, December 21

My bebes are EIGHT.

Now I've been wondering where all this time has gone, and looked through my pics, and I can see they have grown up so much but it still seems not that long ago.  My little bebes birthday is today Australian time (in fact, almost 4 hours ago)... I feel tired just looking at some of these photos but mostly I just feel so proud of them both.

This was just after they were born in their twin crib.  I kept gazing at them thinking 'I can't believe I had twins!' and also 'How did they fit in my body!?'.. They were 5lb13 and 6lb6oz (Olivia on left, Laura on right) We spent our first Christmas in hospital together - and Laura coming out of special care nursery with apnoea at 9:30pm on Christmas Eve still to this day was the best present I ever got for Christmas.

When we got through their first year I could hardly believe I survived!  I felt like the party should be in our honour, that we stayed married and sane!  Promptly after this shot, Laura on the right fell asleep eating cake.. 

2nd birthday Mummy perfected the art of making dolly varden cakes.  Our girls became real little girls at two.  Little best buddies.

Third birthday it was all about fairies!

Fourth birthday was the infamous rainbow party.  They both still talk about this!  So cute!

Fifth birthday just before they started school and they requested a Hungry Jacks Party.  So easy and I became a convert to having parties outside the house (although I still do also like them at home!)  Having their birthday so close to Christmas though it does take the pressure off!

6th birthday was a busy one, we had a quick cake at Nanny's - that was the last birthday Nanny was at home.

 Seventh birthday and our girls were looking so grown up.  Their Australian Girl Dolls also had their first birthday in our house (they were gifts for 6th birthday)  this is Rapunzel
 And this is Laura with Rosie.

This year, they had a party before we left - as the last couple of years has been rather low-key birthday wise.
Tomorrow (their birthday here in the US) we're taking them to Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular as a surprise.  They keep seeing the Rockettes in advertisements everywhere and asking to go - so this is going be a much loved gift and birthday - I'm looking forward to it too!

Those who have babies now, take heed:  time really does fly even when you think the days will never end, your kids will never sleep through the night or never be toilet trained.  Before you know it they are growing up quicker than you can cope with!
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