Friday, December 6

Weekend Christmas Project: 3 ingredient Candy Cane Truffles!

After the gingerbread truffles I was on a mission - what other truffles could I make?  They were so easy and much loved by all who ate them (I'm now on the eve of my third batch!) and my mind went to mint slice.  Those are my favourite chocolate biscuit and whether they are at room temperature, straight from the fridge or like my hubby likes them, from the freezer - there's never a bad time to have a mint slice as far as I'm concerned!

So I gave it a whirl.  They are delicious, and again so easy.  It makes about 40 of them so good to make for Christmas treats - and hopefully you'll be able to get one or two for yourself!

2 packets Arnotts Mint Slice
1 tb milk
1 pack (500g) of chocolate melts
optional:  Candy canes

Process your biscuits.  take a feel of them, if they stick together easily, don't add the milk, if not, add and process again.

Roll your truffles, I make mine about the diameter of a 50c piece.

Put them on greasepoof paper, ready to be dipped!

If you want to garnish with candy canes, put them in a ziplock bag, inside another ziplock bag.   Try not to eat too many at this stage... I failed.

Vent your frustrations about whatever is today's gripe right now.  Get them into smallish bits.  You know candy canes were first invented to keep kids quiet during mass and nativity plays over Christmas? True!

Then you need to melt your chocolate - I do mine in the microwave - 1 minute on 50 % power, then stir, then return for another minute on 50% power then stir, then maybe if it's not completely melted, another 30 seconds on 50% power.

Dip your truffles into the chocolate, I did mine with two spoons and then dropped them into little patty pans.  Sprinkle with the candy canes.  You could also just put little jelly tots and mint leaves on to look like holly too if you like...?

Leave them to set and then put into an airtight container and store in the pantry in a cool place.

They are such a good kick of mint, and so easy to make - give them a try!

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