Saturday, April 26

5 recipes to make the most of your left-over Easter Eggs

Hope you had a happy Easter!  We had a bit of a low key affair, roast lunch and Easter biscuit decorating!

We did get an enormous Easter egg haul which I'm finding difficult to 'dispose of' though.  Here's a few recipes that I'm looking at using this week - both to have now and later (nothing like stocking up the freezer with baked goods :) )

Dark chocolate and blueberry friands

You don't HAVE to use dark chocolate, use white or milk also.  These freeze well and taste just as good as those ones you pay $4 for in the cafe!  If you have gluten free chocolate, then this makes the whole recipe gluten free too!

Cheaty raspberry and chocolate pie

Now, if you do use the mini eggs instead of scorched almonds this will give you pockets of melty chocolate to bite into.. 

Bill Granger's Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding

This recipe doesn't call for chocolate as such but follow the directions and break up some of your eggs or pop in whole mini-eggs for eggstra (sorry couldn't resist) decadence!

Raspberry Blondies

A popular change to the 'brownie' these blondies are sweet and fabulous with a cup of tea and a your favourite TV show... 

Spanish hot chocolate

If you haven't had this type of hot chocolate you are missing out - the perfect treat for a cold night!

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