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A foodie's must do in New York City: Chelsea Market

New York in summer is such a different experience to the winter.  It's almost a different city and and not in a bad or a good way, just different, every season brings it's charms but this city changes dramatically.

Something I never did last trip was to take the Subway.  With 5 people it isn't as cost effective but on your own or with just a few of you 2.25 for each ride on the MTA (Metro) is quite reasonable and it doesn't matter how long your trip is.We got off at 14th Street Station and took a short walk to Chelsea Market

Just a tip, hang onto the something on the subway, especially when it first jolts out of your stop.  You will go flying otherwise, and because the subway is so old, the tracks aren't strictly even so you go up and down side to side much more than the more modern trains of today.  But I found the trip pleasant and quick.

Chelsea Market, which has been refurbished from a former biscuit company is where they film a lot of the Food Network Shows like Iron Chef America and Rachel Ray and the bottom floor houses a glorious food market which is infamous here in New York.

Inside, it's set up as a long arcade with a few offshoots.  It's allllll about food my friends so it's an absolute must do.  There's places to eat, cakes, snacks, kitchenware and bookshops.  Completely fabulous!

My favourite shop was Elenis which had cupcakes and the most adorable decorated cookies.  Just unbelievable really.

I particularly liked their 'Color me' series where they had blank cookies of all sorts and sizes and they had food colouring pens (like textas) for you to decorate them.  I bought some of the pens - 4 for $7.95.

And this cute messenger bag is $7.95.

Of course you have to check out New York's pride bakery - Amy's bread I got quite a bit of baking inspiration there.

Another little shop I liked was the doughnuttery.  It has tiny doughnuts - $6 for $6 and cheaper the more you buy.  You can get different flavours -

 Some of these are so crazy but I'm sure they're delicious!

You'll be very surprised to know I didn't buy any cookbooks!  But I will say I was very tempted!  Have you been to Chelsea Markets?  Could you recommend anything/offer any more tips?  If you haven't, would you put it on your list?

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