Tuesday, March 31

5 Easter gifts for those who can't eat or like chocolate or just as an alternative to chocolate!

First of all, let me say I looove my chocolate but there are some out there for whatever reason can't or won't eat it... and let me say - there's nothing like variety so even if you can eat chocolate, you can mix it up a bit!  I don't like my kids having loads of chocolate either - and prefer to give them lasting gifts so here's some alternatives to food presents too...

Bunny Poop - jelly beans with printable topper
How adorable are these?  You can make them in bulk quite easily and hand them out at parties or at school.  Great alternative to chocolate overload.  In the link there's also a printable topper, taking the pain out of how to package them :)

Bunny Tails - Marshmallows with printable topper
If you have food colouring aversions these are perfect - or if you don't, mix it up with multi-coloured marshmallows - this also has free printable topper

Coloured Popcorn Carrots
These are so easy to make - and can be made in bulk.  Make it sweet or salty - your choice!

If you have little ones who love books, and even big ones, books are a lasting gift that can be set as an Easter Tradition.  Easter bunny loves good readers!

These are our Easter Tradition, as it's heading into winter, Flannelette or warm pyjamas for Easter are always a welcomed, practical gift.  These cute ones are from Target:

Here's some other ideas:
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Make your own Easter bunny crayons
Cookie Easter Baskets

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