Sunday, April 12

Mega-lunch-box-bake off, how we made 500 school snacks in three hours!

At the beginning of the school year I hosted a baking afternoon with the Mums of our church and some friends.   In the spirit of MamaBake we met in our large church kitchen and had time to chat and bake, and I passed on some of my recipes which I'd adapted to be big batches.

All in all it cost about $20 a family, there were nine of us, which I think is as big as it should be to be honest, mainly because of oven space and time.

I purchased the ingredients, but if you were doing this with friends, you could allocate a shopping list or a recipe to each person.  For the recipes we used, I also pre-made the scroll dough and short-crust for the mini-quiches.

I laid out each recipe in stations with ingredients, utensils and of course the recipe.   This is the station for banana passionfruit muffins

 And mini quiches using my quiche pastry dough

Savoury scrolls using Pioneer Woman's scroll dough

Everyone stuck to their recipe - and it was very social and it was clear that everyone loved baking but didn't have either the patience or the confidence to make it all.  Everyone left feeling they would re-make at least one of the recipes.

It was really fun, I would recommend it with friends or people in your community!

Slabs of LCMs!

The 'business'!  Cookies, muffins, scrolls, quiches!
 The assembly line of packaging!

Click here to download the bulk recipes to use yourself or with friends!

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