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ACTIVITY: Sydney Easter Show 2015 - my top ten tips

Whilst my feet and my knee recovers from the Easter Show, thought I'd share some of our highlights... I think this is the third time we've been to the show since having kids which is pretty good when you consider they are 9 and 10.

They have grown so much! *sniff*
Last time we went we tried to do everything, and that became a stupid amount of exhausting and an even stupid-er amount of cash spent.   This time we stuck to a couple of rules - but here's my ten tips:

1.  Arrive after lunch.  It beats the rush and cuts down on the amount of junk you can consume whilst you are there.  There's also a stronger likelihood you'll make it to the fireworks.
Patting baby chicks, Steggles Poultry Farm
2.  If you are arriving by public transport and using the main entry, do your showbags first and secure a locker.  We did this last year and instead of paying $10 for a locker, we offered someone who was cleaning out theirs $5 for the keys and we both paid half price.  Then you can do the Woolworths Fresh Dome for lunch ($2 toasted cheese sandwich is a bargain!) and then make you way down to the end of the show.
Learning to milk a cow - Dairy Farmers Working Dairy

3. If you are parking instead at P1, take the bottom entrance near the rides, do all the animals and work your way up to the fresh food zone for dinner and grab your showbags on your way out.

Food Farm
4.  Showbags:  this year I have two picks for the Mums... $15 Women's weekly bag and the Sukin natural body care bag for $25.    Kids and Dads, to me they didn't seem so great this year.  We don't let the kids get 'a bag of sugar' but one showbag that has things they can use.... Laura chose an Alien one... Eloise a Paul Frank one and Olivia a Total girl one.  They are all happy with that and honestly, one bag is plenty.
OzHarvest Stand, Food Farm

5.  In the Fresh Food Dome - Woolworths have lots of food bits - I particularly liked the salami guy - really good quality for a reasonable price.  The Nougat stand is a must for us too - we got some last time and love it.  

Wildfire Chlli Stand - Woolworths fresh food dome
Hubby loves the chili stand and took the 'Carolina Reaper Challenge' which is the hottest chili in the world.  Now, let me tell you he grows and cooks ghost chili, so has quite a good palate for chili, but this was very hot.  He got a lanyard for his trouble, watery eyes and a quick trip to the gelato stand.  I will admit I did my fair share of sniggering with that one.

6. There's kids cooking demos at the Woolies Fresh Food section but for kids you really can't beat the 'Food Farm' which is down near the cattle sections of the show.  It really helps explain where food comes from and there's a fab cooking class for primary school kids.  It runs several times a day and shows kids how to make rice paper rolls and apricot bliss balls.
Healthy active kids cooking class - Food Factory
 It teaches basic knife and peeling skills using safe utensils which you can buy at a reasonable price  (3 for $20) too.  My girls loved it, and got to keep their aprons! 

Healthy active kids cooking class - Food Factory

 That's a must for any mini-masterchefs at your house and best of all - it's free of charge!

OzHarvest Stand, Food Farm

7.  You can pretty much get anything on a stick...

waffles on a stick - Woolworths Fresh Food Dome
apples on a stick - Woolworths Fresh Food Dome
Chocolate dipped fruit on a stick - Woolworths Fresh Food Dome

Cheese on a stick - many location

Chips on a stick - opposite Cattle Judging Lawn
Dagwood dog - available throughout

8.  Cut yourself some slack with the junk food - we didn't go overboard but sno-cones ($4 each), dagwood dogs ($5) are part of the fun.  We also tried deep fried cheesecake and deep fried oreos today ($6 for cheesecake, $6 for 4 oreos).
Deep fried frozen cheesecake - Opposite Dinosaur Ice World

Deep fried Oreos - Opposite Dinosaur Ice World

Olivia loved the oreos, basically the coating is like doughnut (same as cheesecake)
9.  We opted out for rides this year - our girls weren't thrilled with this but we gave them the choice of showbags or rides because the rides cost us even with vouchers about $100 last year.  They do look fab though don't they?
Giant slippery slide - Kids Carnival
Sideshow Alley - Kids Carnival Area
10.  Other tips I can give you is take sunscreen, drink bottles and if you don't have a pram invest or take a shopper trolley, you can buy them for $20 around the show- the Women's weekly bag alone was heavy and warranted some 'transport'.  

Do you have any other tips?  What are your must-do's for the show?

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