Sunday, December 13

What do you put in your... TRIFLE?

We love trifle in this house and it's a tradition from my family.  When I was little I remember having very boozy trifle, though I don't put booze in mine now...  My sister called it 'triffle' and it's kind of stuck now - I think we all call it 'triffle'.

Tradition was my Nan would make the trifle, and I made it for the first time all by myself.  'Our' recipe is fairly straight-forward and very cheaty:

This feeds about 10, and fits in a large trifle bowl (Just)

1 large jam roll sliced into 1cm thickness.
1 portion made-up raspberry jelly
1 portion made-up lime jelly
3 bananas, sliced
1 large or two small punnets strawberries, half sliced, half whole.
Additional fruit like sliced peaches or blueberries (optional)
600ml vanilla custard
300ml fresh cream
1/2 cup white sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Slice your jam roll and line the bottom of your bowl (should take 1/3rd the jam roll)
Add 1/2 bananas on top
Add 1/2 sliced strawberries
Add raspberry jelly on top
Add half custard
Layer another thired of jam roll
Add last 1/2 bananas and sliced strawberries
Add lime jelly
Add custard
Last layer of jam roll
Whip your cream with white sugar and vanilla extract until stiff.
Add as top layer and put whole strawberres, peaches, blueberries

Now I've heard of chocolate trifle and honeycomb trifle, what's your variation?
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